Truly, there is no need for panic. Yes, Ebola is a deadly disease, but there are many others out there. But with any disease, being prepared is the best offense. And in fact, Ebola is quite easily contained and eliminated with simple, everyday cleaning products.

CHI Mercy Health is preparing for Ebola, but there’s no reason for panic. CHI Mercy Health prepares for the flu season every year, too. And bad colds, respiratory illnesses, and anything else that goes around especially in the winter. We always prepare because our patients need protecting–their health is often already weakened.

“We are working on plans right now to prepare and protect our staff,” said Susan Kringlie, Infection Preventionist at CHI Mercy Health. “There’s no need to worry–there’s been lots in the news lately–but we have plans locally and at the state and federal government levels.”

The Ebola virus isn’t airborne, said Kringlie. The transmission of the virus occurs with direct contact of blood or body fluids. A person needs to actually touch the infected individual blood or body fluids, if the person is infectious.

“The virus just doesn’t fly in the air,” said Kringlie. “It can only be transmitted and contracted through contact with the blood or body fluid of the infected patient. Washing hands and equipment cleaning is very, very important.”

The Ebola is easily killed with simple cleaning products. “The Ebola virus is an easily killed virus,” said Kringlie, “much like the cold virus. So if you use bleach, or EPA-approved disinfectants, that should stop the transmission. So don’t be afraid, and wash your hands.” Which is why cleanliness is the best preparedness, not only for Ebola, but for every disease, including influenza or the Flu.
For more information, contact Susan Kringlie, at 845-6447.