Congratulations to Our Winner! Stephanie Kruta was presented her Unit Specific Award for Outpatient-Same Day Surgery by CHI Mercy Health President Keith Heuser.

CHI Mercy Health is a winner because of Stephanie Kruta, who won a HealthStream Award of Excellence for Outpatient-Same Day Surgery. Kruta is the Nurse Manager for Surgery. Award winners are recognized based on data collected from the 2013 calendar year.

The awards acknowledges exceptional performance achieved by healthcare organizations with the use of our solutions–spotlighting innovative programs and superior leadership that support organizational excellence, workforce development, patient satisfaction, employee engagement, positive community perception, and more. It is an honor to recognize our customers’ dedication to methods and processes that lead to quality improvements and, in turn, improved patient outcomes.

Excellence Through Insight Award Winners

These awards recognize hospitals that excel in their ability to gain insight about their patients, employees, physicians, and community through research and use that information to build excellence within their organization.