chi-catarcts-orCHI Cataracts O.R.–Cataract surgery is performed right here at CHI Mercy Health.

CHI Endoscope–This endoscope is brand new, bought for the O.R. by the CHI Mercy Foundation. Anesthesia is provided for all ‘scopes, something not done elsewhere.
Well almost daily. There are some months when one or two days pass without a performance of some type. When the actors gather and perform for only one, who, after observing the staging, sleeps through the rest of the production.

The actors are surgical personnel, doctors and nurses; the audience of one is a surgical patient; and the performance is a surgical procedure. The theater is the operating theater, the surgical unit, at CHI Mercy Health in Valley City, where every month between 30 and 60 procedures are conducted.

“We can perform quite a variety of surgical procedures right here,” said Stephanie Kruta, Nursing Director for OR at CHI Mercy Health. “We have three general surgeons, a general dentist, a family practice physician and an ophthalmologist. We have a CRNA, certified registered nurse anesthetist, right here at Mercy, who can also help with pain management.”

The surgical procedures at CHI Mercy Health range from endoscopies of upper G.I. and colonoscopies, to cataracts, and general surgeries (gall bladder removal, hernias, feeding tube placement). The dental surgery, said Kruta, is often for special-needs patients. The CRNA provides anesthesia for endoscopies, something not done elsewhere.

“So many people don’t realize they can get exceptional care right here in town,” said Kruta. “We are local, closer to home, and all anyone has to do is ask their provider to schedule their surgery right here at CHI Mercy. We know the patients and they know us. We have a very high patient satisfaction–we won an award last year. We also have a zero percent infection rate here at Mercy, which is far lower than Sanford or Essentia. Nationally, the rate is five- to eight percent–and we have zero surgical site infections for the last two years. Local care, patient satisfaction, and a wonderful facility. This is the place to have a surgery.”
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