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Mercy Healthcare Foundation

Gifting Options

Mercy Healthcare FoundationMercy HealthCare Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing support to CHI Mercy Health with supplemental funding for capital and program needs essential to the hospital’s growth and development. The foundation is responsible for programs such as Sack’Em and the Festival of Trees.

The “For Mercy’s Sake Sack’Em” program is one of our annual fundraisers. People pledge an amount for each sack made by the Valley City State Viking’s and the Valley City High School Hi-Liner’s quarterbacks. All funds raised go toward the recruitment of medical providers. It is a time-consuming and expensive task to recruit, however it is vital to sustaining the quality of health care in Valley City and the surrounding area.

The “Festival of Trees” takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is an elegant evening of twinkling Christmas lights and gorgeous Christmas trees. An extensive hors d’oeuvres buffet is served. There is a silent auction of many donated items. The evening centers on a live auction of at least 10 fully decorated Christmas trees, some wreaths and a travel package. The evening is put on completely by volunteers.

We also have an Annual Fund Drive in the fall or winter. We hope to be offering many ways of giving to Mercy HealthCare Foundation. Community support is so important to the health of the hospital.

Don’t forget that you can send a gift in memory of a loved one to Mercy HealthCare Foundation by downloading and submitting this form.

Contact the Mercy HealthCare Foundation at 701-845-6557.

Foundation Gifts Ensure Hospital's Future

As the new fiscal year begins, it is the perfect time to address the ever present question of what can “I” do to help support our region’s hospital. There are endless ways in which you can show your support, your loyalty and your passion for being able to keep our healthcare options local and competitive to other area facilities. The most basic and easiest ways of donating are simply dropping cash or check off at the Mercy HealthCare Foundation office as a donation, memorial or honorarium. But how many knew that those funds can be applied to specific funds within the foundation? You can designate just what you really want to support and in doing so, show where your interests lay. There will always be financial, equipment and advancement needs for our hospital and by showing your support for your choice of departments or programs, you are helping to ensure that these things are always an option.

It has been fascinating to me to learn of the different investment opportunities offered to donors that allow for tax breaks and ways of making sure that your legacy is fulfilled in the way you wish to see it rolled out after you are not able to voice your desires. So many options are available that allow for less estate tax for your heirs and ways of investing that pay you back while you are still able to enjoy the funds but also to secure the non-profit organization(s) of your choice receives those funds after you no longer need them. One interesting donation opportunity that was brought to my attention recently was the donation of one truck-load of grain. Sometimes the donation of property or other items is a way for a donor to support an organization without actually writing out a check.

Below is a listing of different funds that are available for your specific designation. Please know that this is not a finite list. I am always eager to hear of different ways in which you would like to make your donation count and know that I am here to work to make sure that every dollar that is donated does the job it is intended for. Nearly 100 years ago, our community sought out the creation of this hospital and so here we are all these years later – still with that need. It is OUR hospital – the community of Valley City, as well as the region we serve – and without our support, we can not grow the way the community is asking us to! I look forward to meeting with you, answering your questions and helping you to fulfill your vision of what our community hospital could be.

Foundation Designated funds